Alumni Center Policies

The North Dakota State University McGovern Alumni Center provides a unique gathering space for alumni, faculty, students and members of the community to come together with the greater good of North Dakota State University in mind. The Alumni Center has five conference rooms for meetings and seminars; a two-story atrium for receptions and dinners; an upper level reception area and an executive lounge for intimate gatherings.

II. Hours of Operation
The Alumni Center’s business hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. during summer months.) Events scheduled in the building Sunday-Thursday must end by 10:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday events must end by 12:30 a.m. The Alumni Center will be locked during all non-business hours except from 30 minutes prior to a scheduled function until the conclusion of that scheduled function. A rental rate minimum of 5 hours will apply on holidays recognized by North Dakota State University.

III. Rental and Fees
All events in the Alumni Center must be booked through a center representative. To confirm a reservation, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total room rental fee and a signed rental agreement is required.

The Alumni Center will accept an Inquiry Only or Hold for up to (1) reservation for no longer than one (1) week. If a confirmation of event date is not received by the end of this time period, the hold on the reservation will be canceled and the room will be available to other groups. Room assignments are made according to the estimated number of guests. If there are changes in the number of expected guests, the Alumni Center reserves the right to reassign the event to a different room, which is suitable for the number of guaranteed guests.

The Alumni Center is not responsible for providing event security. If security is needed, it will be on the responsibility of licensee/department.

All deposits are non-refundable. All reservations, including NDSU departments*, cancelled less than 90 days before their event will be subject to additional fees per the total rental price of event. Reservation changes made 30 days before the event will be subject to additional fees per the total rental price of event.

The below fees apply to all reservations made at the Alumni Center. Although room rentals rates for departments and colleges of NDSU* are 100% discounted, all clients will be responsible for the charges associated with cancellations and date/room changes.

Cancellations:Date and/or Room Changes:
90 or greater – 50% of rental fee60 or greater- no charge
89-30 days prior- 75% of rental fee59-30 days prior- 10% of original rental fee
29- 0 days prior- 100% of rental fee29-0 days prior- 25% of original rental fee

*Per NDSU and NDSU Foundation agreement.

Event Service
The Alumni Center will provide tables, chairs, buffets, other service tables for the event, a Guest Service Representative or staff member to assist during the event, and general set-up and clean-up (except decorations that guest brings in) as part of our service. Set up requests and/or post event clean up that require an above average amount of time will be charged $100/hour. Any table/chair requests that exceed what the Alumni Center has access to will incur additional fees. All linens are at the responsibility of the licensee or department and can be rented from the Alumni Center.

Damage Deposit
If an event results in any lost items or damages (broken furniture, equipment, glass or stained carpet/furniture, etc.) the Alumni Center will make the appropriate repairs and/or replacements and bill the licensee or department.

Room Rental Fees
Room rental fees apply to everyone using the Alumni Center. Recognized campus organizations utilizing the facility for University related functions are offered a 25% discount. All Departments and Colleges of the University receive a 100% discount to room rentals paid by the North Dakota State University with the exception of linens, late cancellations and/or date changes, and other services/equipment the Alumni Center does not have or ability to provide.

Revenue-generating seminars and conferences hosted by an NDSU organization, department, or college are not considered university business and will assume regular rental rates.

The Alumni Center has a variety of equipment available to rent for events. Please notify staff of equipment needs when making a reservation. If additional tech equipment is needed, it will be the obligation of the client to secure and cost will be covered by client.

The Alumni Center requires linens on tables. Linens are NOT included as part of the rental fee for any function, including University events. If the linens are not included as part of the catering service, the Alumni Center will rent linens and the licensee/departments will be billed for linens.

IV. Operating Guidelines

  • The Alumni Center cannot be utilized for partisan political activity, political or interest group fund raisers, or any event resulting in financial gain for the sponsoring organization or individual.
  • Any event held in the Alumni Center must be by invitation only. Events open to the public, by general announcement, or promoted on social media are strictly prohibited, with the exception of approved NDSU sponsored or hosted events. Renter agrees to not use NDSU McGovern Alumni Center logos or names for advertising unless otherwise approved.
  • Any organization reserving the Alumni Center must be the same organization which will utilize the facility for the originally stated purpose.
  • One responsible person from the sponsoring organization must be present at their event until the event is completed.
  • The sponsoring organization or individual is responsible for any and all damages to the building and its furnishings.
  • Events cannot be scheduled for more than two (2) days in length. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Assistant Director of Events and Facilities.
  • Sponsoring organizations or individuals should request that invited guests conform to an appropriate standard of personal appearance and attire when attending events at the Alumni Center. Shoes and shirts are required at all events. Theme parties must be approved by the Assistant Director of Events and Facilities.
  • The Alumni Center reserves the right to cancel any event scheduled in the Alumni Center up to ninety (90) days prior to the event date. The Alumni Center owes no further obligation to the reserving organizations or individuals other than returning any deposit paid by them.
  • No animals are allowed inside or on the Alumni Center grounds with the exception of properly identified service animals.
  • Smoking/tobacco products are strictly prohibited within the Alumni Center.
  • In the event of severe weather, the Alumni Center will make every attempt to remain open. If the client has the intention to cancel or postpone the event due to weather conditions, please call by 7:30 a.m. on the day of the event and discuss the plans with the Alumni Center staff. The Alumni Center will close when the University closes. Cancellation fees may not apply.
  • The Alumni Center reserves the right to decline service to any organization without specific cause.

V. Decorations
All decorations and equipment must be removed at the conclusion of the event. NDSU Center staff does not set up or break down equipment or furniture for the event with the exception of owned tables and chairs. Due to liability, renter and/or caterer must provide adequate staff for set up, event and breakdown.

The following decorations are specifically prohibited at the Alumni Center—

  • Confetti (static and cannons), glitter, stickers, loose beads and jewels, helium balloons, silly string, glitter spray of any kind, table sprinkles, rice, streamers or poppers, fireworks or sparklers. Bubbles and flower petals may be used outside of the building only.
  • Candles must be enclosed in glass. No open flames are allowed inside or outside the Alumni Center in compliance with state fire regulations.
  • If the Alumni Center finds any trace of said objects above, the event will be billed an additional $100.00.
  • No posters, charts, signs, decorations or other items are allowed to be attached to walls, doors, pillars, stairways or hung from the ceiling or light fixtures.

VI. Food & Beverage
All food and beverage must be purchased through an approved and licensed vendor.

The Alumni Center’s exclusive caterer is NDSU Dining. Their menu option and contact information can be found at

  • The use of external food and beverage services will acquire a fee of $400. This fee will be waived if NDSU Dining does not have availability (this excludes wedding cakes).
  • To become approved, the caterers must provide a copy of their license, proof of insurance, and meet with the Assistant Director of Events and Facilities to go over proper kitchen procedures at least 2 weeks prior to event
  • No home-made food is allowed in the Alumni Center. All food and non-alcoholic beverages consumed in the Alumni Center must be provided by NDSU Dining. (This includes events where only beverages are being served.)
  • Absolutely no disposable plates, or silverware are to be used for serving guests during meal service.
  • All menu selections, guaranteed number counts, and billing is to be done with the licensee and service provider directly. Any changes in setup needs is to be discussed with both Assistant Director of Events & Facilities and Caterer no later than 5 days prior to event date. Changes made later, could incur additional fees to client or department.

Alcohol Service The serving of alcohol on the Alumni Center premises will comply with the policies of the University System, NDSU, and all city, county and state laws governing alcoholic beverages.

  • Food service is required for all events at which alcohol is served. Eighty percent of event participants must be over the age of 21. All guests are required to have a valid I.D. at events where alcohol is served. At the discretion of the Alumni Center staff or catering staff, alcohol service may be denied to anyone who we feel has been overserved.
  • No alcohol is allowed at events sponsored by NDSU student organizations, or student focused events hosted by a department or college.
  • Unopened supplies of alcohol must be removed from the Alumni Center at the end of the function. No alcohol containers are allowed to be removed from the building once opened.
  • No kegs are allowed in the Alumni Center; bottles and cans only.
  • All bar and alcohol service will be discontinued 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end of all events.
Bar Policy
  • An approved list of beverage caterers will be provided by the Alumni Center. No outside vendors from this list will be permitted to pour at an event.  
  • Self-Serving Bar
    Applies to non-NDSU events where the total guest count is 20 guests or less and NDSU departments where a total guest count is 50 guests or less. The host of the event may make beer and wine available to their guests. Beer and wine only, no liquor is allowed. Event must be a private, invitation-only event where alcohol is served to guests at no charge to them.
  • The host of the event takes all responsibility and liability for the consumption of the product. No alcohol is ever supplied by the Alumni Center.
  • No special designated liquor license is required, however a fee of $50 will be charged to the licensee or department for self-serve set up and clean up.
  • Cash or Host Bar
    Required for non-NDSU events where the total guest count exceeds 20 guests, and NDSU departments where a total guest count is 50 guests or less or where liquor is requested.
  • The licensee or college department will make arrangements for a Licensed Beverage Caterer to operate the bar and a $50 service/clean up charge will be added to the reservation.
  • This licensed beverage caterer will be responsible for obtaining the special designated liquor permit upon approval of the Fargo City Council. The request is subject to approval by the Assistant Director of Events and Facilities.
  • All licensed beverage vendors must provide Proof of Insurance and Proof of Vendor License at least 2 weeks prior to event, as well as schedule a walk-through of Alumni Center with Assistant Director of Events and Facilities.

VII. Music and Entertainment
The licensee may hire their own DJ or music group.

  • The Alumni Center does not allow music groups or DJ’s with large amplification systems.
  • No fog machines.
  • All music must end by 12:00 a.m (Friday & Saturday) and by 9:30 p.m (Sunday- Thursday).
  • DJ’s and music groups are responsible for all set-up and takedown of their equipment immediately following the event.
  • All music groups and DJ’s must be approved by the Assistant Director of Events and Facilities and provide proof of insurance at least two weeks prior to the event before their services at the Alumni Center.

VIII. Payment Arrangements
The Alumni Center requires an advance non-refundable deposit consisting of 50% of the total room rental. Payment is due in full one week prior to the event date.

  • Payment is due with signed contract within 10 days of receiving it. Failure to receive both will result in the termination of reservation.
  • The remaining balance is due one week before the event.
  • Payment may be made by check, VISA, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard. All bills are prepared by and are payable to the NDSU Foundation.
  • If additional costs are incurred, a secondary invoice will be generated within 7 days of event, payment due upon receipt.
  • Payments are due upon receipt of statement.
  • Accounts not paid in full by day of event are subject to be canceled, resulting in a loss of deposit
  • Gratuities, service charge and sales tax will be added to all applicable charges.
  • Those organizations, which are exempt from North Dakota sales tax, must provide a copy of their North Dakota sales tax exemption certificate number to our accounting office at the time of booking.
Events billed directly to NDSU are exempt from North Dakota sales tax. Please provide a center representative with the fund number to which the event will be charged at the time each event is booked. All events not billed directly to the university will be charged the same as non-campus organizations, and will be subject to standard room rental charges.

IX. Parking Please contact a center representative for parking option information. Attendees at events taking place between 7 a.m. and 4:30, Monday through Friday, will need parking permits administered by Alumni Center Staff. Prior to a main event, permits will be administered for the AD lot, located south of the building. Free parking options are available during evening hours and weekends. Limited metered parking is also available. Parking conditions are not guaranteed.

Please inform guest of available public metered parking near the university
• Memorial Union Parking Lot
• Visitor Lot- E Lot

If the party has made special arrangements with university parking services, please inform the Assistant Director of Events and Facilities.

X. Liability
The Alumni Center does not accept responsibility for damage to, or loss of, any merchandise, equipment or articles left in the Alumni Center or in the parking lot or sidewalk areas prior to, during, or following an event. If valuable items must be left anywhere in the building, it is recommended that a security firm be retained at the reserving party’s expense. The Alumni Center may request a copy of the client’s personal liability insurance. The Alumni Center is not responsible for damages or injury to persons caused by a renter’s arrangement with florists, bands or musicians, rental agencies or other outside vendors. The Alumni Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The Alumni Center is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Alumni Center is not responsible for disturbances during the event from outside noise or during events inside or outside.