Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an alumnus to utilize the facility?
Absolutely not! Anyone is welcome to rent the space for their special event needs.

Do I receive a rental discount if I am a graduate of NDSU?
No. We keep our rates the same so everyone can afford to utilize the space.

Is alcohol allowed at events in your facility?
Yes, we’re a privately owned facility located off campus. Our staff will make the necessary arrangements for alcohol service at your event.

What are my options for caterers? Can I bring in my own food?
We have several approved caterers from which you may select. Please visit with our staff to review options and secure scheduling. Because the success of your event is important to us, we require the use of full-service caterers. We do not allow drop and go style catering. Due to health regulations, we cannot allow groups to bring in their own food. All food served in the facility needs to come from one of our approved vendors. The only exception is wedding cakes, which can be brought in from an outside licensed baker.

What is included with my rental fee?
For a full list, please see our Planning Your Event page.

Where do our guests park?
Guest parking is located to the south of the McGovern Alumni Center. For larger groups, contact your Event Coordinator for further parking instructions.

When are we able to access the facility?
That facility is available to you at the beginning of your contract time. If you need to make arrangements for additional set up time, please visit with your event coordinator to review rates and availability.

I’ve booked the McGovern Alumni Center for my event, now what?
An Event Coordinator will be assigned to assist you with all aspects of the event. Our talented and experienced staff will guide you through the planning process to ensure a flawless and memorable event.